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About Hovering
CV - Curriculum Vitae

Portland, Oregon based Photographer, Designer and Multi-Media artist Hovering draws upon a lifetime of experiences when he connects with his subjects. From the subtle to the extreme, the mundane to the surreal, Hovering welcomes it all with open arms.

Born and raised with 3 brothers in a mid-west, middle-class, Episcopalian upbringing, Hovering's unique worldview developed early in his life. Family vacations at posh resorts contrasted dramatically with the church missionary work that so engaged Hovering as a teen. Living one week in tony Short Hills, NJ and the next in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti created understandable tension in his relationship with the world. Hovering discovered some of the happiest people on the planet in Haiti and his experiences there were never forgotten. The difference between perception and reality became all too clear as Hovering grew through his teen years, leading him to develop a critical yet open eye. It was in these early years that Hovering picked up a camera for the first time and realized its potential to tell a meaningful and poignant story with the click of a shutter. He has been photographing the world for over 30 years now, using the power of imagery to tell a story. Hovering strives to make meaningful images as his contribution to the world, connecting people and cultures along the way.

I spent my childhood moving innocuously through the public schools system, silently questioning everything while outwardly doing as I was told. My college years brought me to Nashville, TN and Vanderbilt University because it was the most different place of all that I had applied to. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science and Math with 3 years of Electrical Engineering under my belt. Not being able to finish my EE degree was an early lesson that there are no failures in life, only learning experiences and growth if you play your cards right. Years later I received my graduate education in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man. For a decade I have traveled to the playa each year to participate in the massive social experiment. It was through Burning Man that I found my partner and soulmate Laura. We have been creating both art and community on the playa and at home ever since.

I love to travel and experience different landscapes, cultures and people. I believe I am an asset to any group or situation that I engage and I love the power of collaboration. My confidence proved itself early in life as I joined a French class trip to the French Alps in high school (as a Spanish student) and I joined a Biology major trip to study in Australia while in college (as an Engineering major). I have traveled to all 50 States, Canada, Mainland Mexico, Baja Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and The US Virgin Islands.

I am looking to travel to Cuba, South America, Africa, India, Nepal, Thailand, China and Japan soon.

My work experience is as varied as my travel resume. Photography has consistently been my love. Over the years I have also held the titles of Artist, Lighting Designer, Prop Maker, Computer Consultant, Web Designer, Photo Editor, Marketing Representative, Taxi Cab Driver, City Planner, Fund Raiser, Chef, Waiter, Bartender, Video Store Clerk, Retail Sales Clerk, Store Manager, Camp Counselor, Concrete Laborer, Landscaper and Forest Fire Fighter. The only job I ever got fired from was Bartender, which I am thankful happened early in my career. The common thread throughout my work history is that my jobs are always creative and involve interacting with people.

My work and my play has had me living for extended periods of time in Greenwich Connecticut, Madison Indiana, Short Hills New Jersey, Nashville Tennessee, Steamboat Springs Colorado, Black Rock City Nevada, San Francisco and Berkeley California, Williamsburg Virginia, Baja Mexico and finally settling in Portland, Oregon in 2002. I absolutely love Portland and have made my home here with the love of my life Laura and our 2 dogs, Loki and Kiah. In 2007 we started Domestic Bliss Photography together and have been building our business ever since. Spending my days working and playing with Laura has been the greatest blessing of my long, young life. We are an amazing team.

Throughout life, Photography has been the vehicle for me to record my environment and communicate back to the world. Having lived in and traveled to such diverse areas of the globe through the years allows me to understand and connect with different people, cultures and ideas quite easily. I am empathetic by nature and loving by design.

My life and my experiences give me a unique perspective on the world and the environment I am in. I have seen a lot and I plan to see a lot more. I love to share my view and hope you find something positive in my work. I have enjoyed creating it.

Please feel free to hire me or refer me. I am available and everything is for sale.

Best Wishes. -Hovering, January 2009.