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Word/Image Archives - old websites aggregate.

I have been creating content for the modern internet since about 1996. These Archives consist of old writings and images, some truth, some fiction and a little more that is in between. It is a collision of actual circumstances with dream-like imaginings. Much of my travel writing at the time was influenced by Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson and Edward Abbey. Feel free to comment or make a request for publication.

R/Trip 2001R/Trip 2001 - Roadtripping - An 8,000 mile, 132 photo, coast-to-coast blitzkrieg, stopping at all semi-interesting points in between. Starting in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with stops in Denver, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, Graceland, Nashville, Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and others.
SantaCon 2002SantaCon 2002 - Santarchy in the streets of Portland, Oregon. In annual holiday spirits, we join the Portland Cacophony Society for their yearly romp through the city streets, singing carols and passing out good cheer to all interested parties.
Musky Snacks 1998Musky Snacks 1998 - "...In our absolute enthusiasm to get on the road, we emptied a can of Ether into my carburetor, eventually catching the cockpit of the Clipper on fire. As flames slowly licked at the dashboard, I lay my head back and gave a heavy sigh... beautiful... just beautiful..." Cross country in my motorhome, the American Clipper.
Mohunk DiariesThe Mohunk Diaries - "...I break out the razor and chop away, leaving my head with a cool new bald spot that gleams in the light like a neon sign on a taco stand. Oh my God, what AM I doing? I steal out into the night and head into the city to rendezvous with some friends from my rancorous college days. They would understand if anybody would..."
Naked & Free in BerkeleyNaked & Free in Berkeley - "Is it strange that I find myself buck naked on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the center of Berkeley's "People's Park?" Is it bizarre that I find myself joining the 'X-plicit Players' as they create a human, serpentine birth canal for each of us to worm our naked bodies through before becoming part of the whole?"
Bootlegging & BackcountryBootlegging & Backcountry - Salt Lake City - So I left Steamboat, Colorado to hit the famed Wasatch Range for some late season telemark turns, meeting up with old friends to take advantage of the MONSTER party at the top of High Rustler, Alta, Utah, on the last day of the season. We killed it.
Cowboy DownhillCowboy Downhill - Drunken Cowboys Invade Sleepy Little Cow Town for Steamboat's “24th Annual Cowboy Downhill” - and they're not the usual Drunken Cowboys... My 8th year in The 'Boat and the cowboy way still rules. Ultimate Athletes, yes. Ultimate Foolishness, yes.
Lost Outside ElkoLost Outside Elko - "I should have stopped in Elko. Then I sure as hell wouldn't be perched here among the rocks, weeds, empty beer cans and yesterdays news, looking up at two of the greasiest road warriors I ever laid eyes upon. But no... I couldn't have stopped in Elko, you know about me and Elko..."
Kinetics, BoulderKinetics, Boulder 1998 - "If you ever happen to be hanging around Boulder, CO in the springtime, with nothing in particular to do, you should head on over to the Boulder Reservoir and check out KINETICS. I decided after years of missing the zany event to join my brother and some of his friends for a day of boozing and bikinis at a sandy beach around 6,000'."
Steamboat Season EndsSteamboat Season Ends - "...With my thirst for vert quenched by early afternoon, I decide to make my way to the bottom. I take a final run through the snowboarders half-pipe in Bashor Bowl. My exits of the pipe are perfect but, as usual, I bust my ass on each uncoordinated free-fall reentry."
Urkel Still SucksUrkel Still Sucks - "...With my only other option being to head out into the cruel world alone, with the off chance of running into my ex-girlfriend for a truly depressing event, I decided, against better judgment, to spend a substance free evening at a teen party hosted by TV’s Urkel."
California 101Kalifornia 101 - Bob & Loki's Big Adventure - Men and Dogs leave snowy Steamboat Springs, Colorado to hit the swells along California 101, from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay. A VW surf adventure, the first of many for this crew.
BMW325iBMW325i - “Holy Shit! from Charlie as he downshifts and hits the breaks hard, his pickled brain, already teetering on the brink of insanity after a week of hard living and cheap thrills..." So begins the tale of 4 ridiculously stupid college kids who think they can out run the Louisiana Highway Patrol.
Burning Man 2002Burning Man 2002 - Black Rock City, NV - When Life is Consumed by Art... or... nothing I wanted, everything I needed. Making Art in the desert is hard and 2002 proved to be quite a wild ride for me, camping alone, creating a deep playa art installation that required attention to detail and a level of performance art that I hadn't gone to before...
Burning Man 1999Burning Man 1999 - A Photographic Orgy straight from the staff of Chumming.Com. My first foray into the desert. Into the unknown that is Burning Man. As always, Burningman is an experience, it is not a website. If you are interested, go, I wouldn't recommend it though.


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My F-SpotMy F-Spot - FLASH - Story of a Dog named Spot* (*not his real name) painstakingly rendered in a childish flash video.
Trojan Nuclear Explosion - Death of a Cooling Tower.
Soriah j20SORIAH Nechung Oracle - From the streets of Portland, OR on January 20th, 2005. Soriah performs an incredible Oracle surrounded by incredible people.
Seattle ZooSeattle Zoo - Some animals hanging out at the Seattle Zoo.
PDX Decompression 2004Portland deCompression - The Pacific Northwest Burning Man Community gathers at Pendarvis Farm in Boring, OR for a weekend of music, performance, friends and family. Oh, and we also burned a man.
Playa del FuegoPlaya del Fuego 2004 - Playa del Fuego is a celebration of the spirit of radical self-expression, community, and participation. Playa del Fuego is the Burning Man event of the Mid-Atlantic Region.
PDX TORCHPDX TORCH - Metal, Gas, Art. We cut fire barrels from old 55 gallon metal drums, creating amazing fire art and community gathering spaces. Here are some images.
RYE PDXRYE.PDX - Found Art - I began making art as a boy and have continued to ever since. While living in Berkeley I was inspired by the SNIFF Collective and decided to carry on their work once I moved to Portland. These images are of things I found and rearranged so that they would make more sense to me. I call it RYE. Reclaim Your Environment... Art From and Of the Streets.
Burning Man 2001Burning Man 2001 - Images from Black Rock City, NV. This Gallery has been relocated to my Domestic Bliss Inc. website. I am remastering the images so that I can upload larger versions soon. Clicking this will send you offsite.
Bohemian Grove 2001Bohemian Grove 2001 - Citizens marched on Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, CA Saturday to protest the actions and policies of the Corporate and Political Elite. A heavy police presence kept the peaceful protesters peaceful.
Jim Rose Circus SideshowJim Rose Circus Sideshow - From the Streets to the Freaks... Denver, CO - Currently Unavailable
PhishKoresh - Tribing with the Phish.. The Gorge Amphitheater, WA - Currently Unavailable
Baja 1998Baja, Mexico 1998-1999 - Dubbed the "Chumming Tour." A Surf and Cultural Adventure south of the border. From the top of California to the bottom of Baja, we traveled with a 1978 Dodge American Clipper Motorhome, loaded with gear and 2 large black dogs... Here are my daily Postcards from the Edge of Our Reality.
My Secret Shame - Don't start this one unless you take it to the
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