image by Laura Brannan

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Bucket Bucket Bucket…  Our Maine Coon kitten (@10 months old, 11 lbs and growing) got introduced to snow today. He is an indoor cat so this frozen water concept fascinated him to no end. Bucket likes frozen water.

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A new recipe straight out of elbe’s edibles kitchen tonight…  Triple Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Glaze.  These things are seriously the bomb.  I just ate half of one as a taste test and I am zinging with delight.


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We received some fantastic handmade soaps from my brother for the holidays this year.  They come in giant blocks that can be cut to bar size soaps.  Here you see me trying out the Peppermint but we also have Lemongrass going right now.

Buy your soaps locally or, if that is not an option, try Adams Handmade Soap for something beautiful and deliciously different.

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Fall rolled in like a lion today with rain shooting sideways and wind howling wildly.  We stayed inside working on post production and playing in front of the lens a little bit.  I searched for a new portrait location in our overcrowded little bungalo, hoping to find some new “place” that I hadn’t used in the past 5 years.  Well, maybe I did.  It is weird but it will work with a little work.  Here is a test portrait with Laura before I dialed things in.  Bucket can’t seem to get enough of the lens so we let him be the model in the end.  If you stop by our home, expect to have your portrait done in my “new” spot.

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