I saw my old friend Aaron Gritzka today.  Aaron is a talented multi-media artist and occasional co-conspirator.  We spent some time catching up on life before I pulled out my camera and softbox to capture these 3 frames.  Thanks Aaron!

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Tonight I got a chance to grab a couple of frames of the talented artist and Creative Catalyst Consultant Ben Dantoni for my 3 Frames Project.  BenD can be a tough one to tie down, he is an old friend and a very busy man who I don’t get to see enough of.  I love spending time with BenD and I love photographing him.. tonight I got to do both.  We had gotten together for a rare couple of hours to catch up on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I punctuated our time together by grabbing my camera to catch some frames before he headed out the door.  Thanks BenD!

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My friend Bill stopped by this evening for a cocktail and some late night chatter.  It is always great to shoot the shit with Bill and we solve all the world’s problems with a little help from our friends.  Like with everyone who stops by these days, I roped Bill into a couple of frames in front of my lens.  He sat for my 3 Frames Project which made me realize that I need to have a separate session solely to photograph Bill’s body art.  He is in the middle of a lot of work and his evolving canvas is stunning.  Bill and I have plans to shoot his tattoos in a couple of weeks which absolutely rules.  Some of Bill’s work is NSFW so don’t expect everything to show up here.. but that is always the case.  Some of my best work stays private for various reasons.  Anyway.

Here is Bill today in 3 Frames.

and here is a later shot from outside the 3 Frames series…


Today I am thankful for family and somehow coerced Laura and Dan (siblings and known photo-phobes) to sit for my 3 Frames Project before we sat down for dinner.. Thanksgiving Dinner.

Our plans for Thanksgiving travel to Eastern Oregon for an extended family meal were thwarted by an unusual “Arctic Blast” that lay waste to the distance in between.  The grandparents were the first to bail on the trip early in the week while Laura and I held out hope until Wednesday morning when we finally quit our plans and redirected our mouths to something local.  We would cook in our kitchen, invite family and friends into our home, and make the most of Plan B site.  A roast, mashed potatoes, baked vegetables, breads, pie and ice cream…  You know what?  Everything worked out just fine for such short notice.  We are pros.

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I had the pleasure of photographing Don Henson for my 3 Frames Project today.  Don is a cacophonous soul and a good friend.  He is also the percussionist behind Sneakin’ Out and Groovy Wallpaper.  To describe Don as just a percussionist is an understatement forum cialis.  The music that he brings into this world is not just backed with beats but has an underscore of noise, knowledge, and love.  We have had the privilege of hearing Don perform at venues all over Portland and his gigs should not be missed.  Our favorite performance from Don is always his latest work, whether from center stage or from the chair in our living room, Don’s passion is perfect and his energy is contagious.

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