Tonight was the opening of Facing Fear at Launch Pad Gallery.  This is an open-call show featuring work by over 100 Artists… Artists making work about facing fear in one way or another…  Laura and I both have pieces hanging in this show and yes, they are fantastic and they are for sale.  You should buy them.  My piece dealt with some of my time based fears and is called Temporal Kitty.  It is the 3 panel wall piece you can see below.  All in all the art is really impressive and should be seen in its entirety.  The show lasts for the month of November and then, I am afraid, it will be gone.

Launch Pad Gallery – 534 SE Oak Street, Portland, OR 97214 – 971.227.0072
NEW HOURS: Wednesday-Saturday 12 – 4pm, & by appt.


What a week.  I have been sneaking in 3-4 hours of sleep a night for a good run now.  I can hear the inevitable crash just on my heels.  I can outrun it.

We started off with RENT on Sunday night.  A beautiful date night and a welcome break from the chaos of work and home.  We had fabulous box seats, the show was spectacular and I was hella happy Laura got the tickets months ago.  We really enjoy taking in local arts whenever possible.  It’s inspirational and a crucial element of our sanity solution.

Brother Chris flew into town Tuesday to spend some time helping with metal fabrication for our art car.  We had a 12 hour day at the shop in the blazing sun but made fantastic progress on our mutant vehicle modifications.  A big thank you to Forgewerks, Andy, Dex and a host of others who gave input and a helping hand http://cial..cialis/.  A big shout out to the City of Portland employee who gave me a jump start when I was stranded in the heat with art car and trailer in tow.

We had a couple of photo sittings and client meetings, we booked work and mailed prints, and we had post production on almost 2,000 images this week (see our Hood River Super D photos here).  We also had our first joint art opening Thursday evening.  What a great night down at Leepin Lizards for First Thursday.  Laura and I are showing prints from Burning Man 1999-Present for the months of July and August at the salon on NW 21st.  We saw lots of old friends and made many new ones.  Thank you to everyone who came down and shared a story and glass of wine.  Afterward we went to Le HAPPY with a small group of friends to celebrate.  Yum.

Daily care for a friend and late night dog walks rounded out our busy schedule this week.  Oh, and we are throwing a big shin-dig for the 4th of July so prep for that has been squeezed in between the lines.


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