As an artist and photographer I believe you always need to be working on personal projects alongside your client projects.  The personal projects are essential to keeping the creative spark alive as they offer opportunities to work without restraint and to experiment with new ideas and techniques that may then be brought into your commercial toolbelt.  Personal projects are also a great way to showcase the styles of work that you enjoy doing and hopefully attract more clientele interested in pushing your personal style with you.  Finally, personal project images often end up in places that you can’t imagine when you start out, which only grows your brand and introduces new people to your work.

I put out a call a couple of weeks ago to my FacePlace friends who are small business owners in the Portland area.  This project is pretty simple but would have individual challenges to overcome with each shoot.  I asked for friends who wanted a new portrait / headshot taken at their place of business.  Hopefully I could create some edgy, eye catching imagery that will work for both my personal portfolio as well as my friends.  It also did not escape me that this project would be valuable to my friends as small business owners, allowing them to have a new head shot for their own personal promotion and use.  I got about a dozen responses.

One of the major things that is new for me with this project is that I am going for a single, amazing image from the session.  Usually I work very hard to get dozens (or in the case of weddings, hundreds) of amazing images for my clients but, since this is a personal project, I get to make up the rules completely.  I am gunning for 1 shot that I absolutely love from each session.  See how that works?  Feed your creative well being with personal projects.

BTS: Hovering and Carlos

Last night was my first shoot for this project, it was with Carlos Montano of Logik the Salon at 5016 SE Division St. in Portland.  I have known Carlos for almost a decade and we have worked on numerous art events together through the years.  Carlos is talented and fun with a well defined personal style.  Our images from the evening are in post production now but here is a Behind the Scenes  (BTS) teaser image that Laura took at the end of the shoot.  We had a great time working together and got some great images.

A big thank you to my muse Laura who kindly took a back seat last night to assist me on this shoot.  She inspires me when I question myself and can hold a mean boom to boot.

And thanks Carlos, you were and are a rock star.

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