Yes, it is official.  We are going to Burning Man.  Today is the deadline to put in Theme Camp applications and when Laura approached me this morning to ask if I wanted to go I said “Yes” without hesitation.  She said “Good, I do too.”  And so it was done.

We had been talking about going this year for a couple of months now, leaving the option open but not ready to commit just yet.  Well, give us a deadline and we can make a decision.  And we both feel really good about this decision.  Seriously.

I called my brother Chris on the off chance that he might want to join us on the playa this year.  We extend the offer each year and have been politely told “No” each time.  Until today.  A wholehearted “Yes” came out of his mouth immediately.  And it was done.

So we spent today filling out our Theme Camp application for “deBOCCEry” and acting like giddy little children.  Burning Man has been a big part of our lives and we missed going back last year.  It is where we celebrate our anniversary and where the majority of my published photos come from.  It breaks us down and fullfills us all at the same time.  It is everything and nothing to us.  And not to mention that our last year on the playa (2007) I was in a sling having just had reconstructive surgery on my collarbone.  What a trying year that was.  So once more into the flames.  This will be Laura’s 11th year at Burning Man and it will be my 10th.  For Chris it will be year 1.  How fucking exciting.

And as always, I must say, if you are thinking about going to Burning Man… don’t.

See you on the playa.

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