Bucket Bucket Bucket…  Our Maine Coon kitten (@10 months old, 11 lbs and growing) got introduced to snow today. He is an indoor cat so this frozen water concept fascinated him to no end. Bucket likes frozen water.

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Fall rolled in like a lion today with rain shooting sideways and wind howling wildly.  We stayed inside working on post production and playing in front of the lens a little bit.  I searched for a new portrait location in our overcrowded little bungalo, hoping to find some new “place” that I hadn’t used in the past 5 years.  Well, maybe I did.  It is weird but it will work with a little work.  Here is a test portrait with Laura before I dialed things in.  Bucket can’t seem to get enough of the lens so we let him be the model in the end.  If you stop by our home, expect to have your portrait done in my “new” spot.


I love my new softbox.  A Fotodiox 20″ x 20″ SoftBox Kit arrived in the mail today.  It came with everything I needed to transform my Canon 580ex Speedlight into one big ole sweet light source.  The 20″x20″ Softbox is small enough to handle yet large enough for portraits of 1-3 people (possibly more, I will have to see).  One thing I really like about this kit is that the softbox is on a bracket and the speedlight is on its own bracket, making the whole system a lot more stable than attaching the softbox right to the speedlight.  The kit also comes with a remote transceiver and receiver to control your speedlight so you are good to go, right out of the box.  This new piece of gear in my arsenal is going to be great on location when our studio lights are just too much or power is too scarce.  There will be more to report once I put it through some paces in the next couple of days…  I have a couple of shoots lined up.  :-)

While experimenting with the softbox this evening, Bucket couldn’t resist and just had to jump in the middle of things.  What a Diva.  He just has to be the center of attention…  Here is a little Behind The Scenes animation..

Eventually we caved and just shot Bucket (as well as the photo of Laura and I in the next post).  The results are sweet and I look forward to working with this new tool some more.


I signed up to participate in One Day On Earth this year and when October 10th finally came around, I found myself at our studio cleaning up a giant mess made by other people.  C’est la vie.  Laura and I recently took on the Studio Manager position and it is what needed to be done.  I could have made a film about cleaning up other people’s trash, which would have been meaningful and all, but decided instead to film our cat Bucket drinking some water from our dog Loki’s bowl.  So here is my masterpiece, a minute in the life of Bucket the Cat, for the One Day On Earth Project.  Enjoy.  :-)


There are a lot of Bears here in the Pacific Northwest.  Here Bucket conquers his first.

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