I recently found my PHISHBILL from Halloween 1998 when I made a Thompsonesque  assault on Las Vegas with a cadre of narcowarriors from the mountains of Colorado.  I remember being a lone figure, painted blue in a Tyvek bio hazard suit, grooving my way through the casinos and then through the Thomas & Mack Center for the show.  Security was on to me.. even amongst the freaks I was freaking people out http://enligneviagra.net/.  I survived that trip into the Zone but I am still not so sure about that trip to Vegas…  Oh Vegas.

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Our old friend Goat from Burning Man flew in from Austin with his girlfriend Dina.  They wanted to check out Portland for a couple of days so we hooked up with them to give some pointers.  Lady Gaga was playing in town and our friend Solovox was playing at the official afterparty.  With an off chance of seeing and photographing Gaga, we all headed out to Refuge for a couple of hours.  The party was off the hook but alas, no Gaga.


It was another hot and heavy session of Gospel Brunch on Sunday.  The once a month service is causing quit a stir at the World Famous Kenton Club on North Portland.  We arrived early and stayed late.  Bailey’s and Coffee, Smoking Gospel Music and Beautiful People touched our lives for a couple of hours.  Ya gots to check it out.

Here is Plastic Jesus.

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Sunday Gospel Brunch with The Git Rights at The World Famous Kenton Club, Portland, OR.

We finally made it to Sunday Gospel Brunch.  OMFG.  We will return.  You should check it out.  Part of this video is perhaps NSFW… depends upon where you work I suppose.  Turn it up or turn it down accordingly.  Enjoy.

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