NEXT OCCUPATION:  Sunday, November 13th
Chapman Square, SW 3rd & Main, Portland Oregon.

In support of Occupy Portland we have been baking chocolate chip cookies to deliver to the site..  I am too old to sleep down there but I figure somebody in that crowd is fighting for me.. and they deserve a cookie.

We are asking like minded individuals to bake delicious cookies and join us EVERY Sunday night (or pick a different night) for delivery to EVERY occupy camp, worldwide.

[ 8.5 x 11 PRINTABLE FLYER ]

With Love.  -H&L



11/06/11 UPDATE: OPERATION SUCCESS…  300+ home made chocolate chip cookies handed out at the Occupation tonight.  As has been widely reported, the mental health situation at the camp is deteriorating.  We have noticed it weekly with more and more of Portland’s homeless taking up shelter in the Occupation Camp.  It is feeling more and more dangerous at night, even for us.  We did see active engagement on the part of Occupation Volunteers to address this growing situation.  Hang in there everyone..

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10/30/11 UPDATE: OPERATION SUCCESS…  The weather is taking a turn for the worse here in Portland but the Occupation continues.  We handed out another 400+ home made chocolate chip cookies tonight, starting with the General Assembly and then working our way through the occupation.

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10/16/11 UPDATE: OPERATION SUCCESS…  Over 400 home made chocolate chip cookies handed out at the Occupy Portland Camp tonight.  The last two cookies are being picked up here as I was taking my photo.  :-D

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10/09/11 UPDATE: OPERATION SUCCESS… Over 500 home made Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies handed out at the occupation site tonight during the GA.  :-D

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We had a semi-clear late October Saturday and took the opportunity to hit the Oregon Zoo with our neighbor kid. We ate sooooo many treats and saw a couple of animals too.

You can see the entire Oregon Zoo Image Gallery here.


Here are some of the images I captured this morning at sunrise.  I chased the light around for hours, not really in sync but close.  I did find a couple of spots I want to shoot from some other time.  So it was a successful outing.  It almost always seems to be.  :-)

Too Early


Spires III

Brain Trust


I woke early today to go out for a sunrise shoot / scouting mission.  My routine is pretty set.  The night before I plan on shooting I put my clothing in the kitchen so that I can dress there in the morning.  That way I won’t have to disturb Laura at 5:30am while I bumble about in the dark, looking for another layer to stave off the early morning chill.  I get up, give a visual inspection of the sky, looking for holes in the clouds, and then I check the internet weather report.  An hour or so before sunrise I am in my truck, heading… somewhere.  I usually don’t know where I am heading.  I take a breath and ask myself Where?  Then I head in a direction, continuing to ask Where? as I drive along, slowly honing in on where Where is.  Then it is huffing camera gear from the truck to some location worth exploring.

Today it was the Fremont Bridge from just downriver.  I found a nice spot along the Willamette to set up my tripod and shoot the sunrise.  I will usually try a spot for enough time to get my shots or until I get pulled to find another Where.  This morning the sky was cloudy but I did get a hint of pink breaking through for a short spell.  Once the clouds closed up again I headed off to my new Where?

Fremont Bridge

I headed off down river, through the industrial ports that line the Willamette, looking for Where? but not sure if I would find it again.  And then I did.  I stumbled across a group of 8 deer grazing along some train tracks.  I was able to quietly approach them and they let me take photos for about 20-30 minutes.  Very unconcerned with me and what I was up to for the most part.  Here is one of my favorites from this encounter.

AM Encounter

By 8:30am I was headed back home, quite thankful for the morning shoot and what I found when I went looking for Where?


I was down on the waterfront at sunrise today and caught this barge cutting through the glassy morning water.  Portland’s skyline reflects nicely in the cool morning light.

PDX Waterfront

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