I am excited to recommend Bernice; a hardbound children’s book by: Rob Adamowski, illustrated by: Kellee Beaudry, as “a touching children’s story that just had to be told.”  I was fortunate enough to be a small part of this publication by photographing the author as well as photographing all of the original artwork for the book designer.  Bernice is a wonderful dog and Rob’s story is touching and heartfelt.  This book would be great for any of the children in your life, especially if they are dog lovers.  You may find out more about the book and order your copy through the website here:  BERNICE.

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I had read good things about SANYO’s eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable batteries when it comes to powering personal speedlites so I decided to pick up a set and run them through the paces.  All I can say is wow.

They outperformed my expectations and still leave me almost speechless.  Unlike conventional rechargeable batteries, eneloop promises to have their charge right out of the package and this they did, full power right out of the package.  They promised a faster recycle time then any of my previous batteries and boy did they deliver here as well.  I’ve been popping away with my speedlites for 2 days now and finally ran out my first set.  Into the charger they went and were back at full power within a couple of hours.  Wow.

I can not say enough about this technology.  They don’t cost much at all to pick up and they will last for over 1500 charges.  My set of 8 AA’s, 4 AAA’s and Charger cost me around $25.  You really can’t beat this when you count up all the AA’s you will run through in a single speedlite session.

Bravo eneloop!  Bravo SANYO!

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We received some fantastic handmade soaps from my brother for the holidays this year.  They come in giant blocks that can be cut to bar size soaps.  Here you see me trying out the Peppermint but we also have Lemongrass going right now.

Buy your soaps locally or, if that is not an option, try Adams Handmade Soap for something beautiful and deliciously different.

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I lived on pizza during one long stretch of my life on this planet.  I love pizza but have had to cut back.  We hardly ever order pizza anymore but when we do, we call Lonesome’s Pizza.

We have been killer busy recently and subjecting ourselves to more prepared foods than normal.  Running a small business is tough and we often have to eat at weird times to accommodate our unpredictable schedule.  Tonight we had one of those days where we discover that mealtime has escaped us in our pursuit of the American Dream.  Lonesome’s to the rescue.

Laura called up a #1: Lee Majors vs. a barracuda with a bowie knife (pizza names change regularly) along with a pint of cold, creamy heaven for dessert (Salted Caramel Ice Cream).  Absolutely delicious and exactly what we needed.

Lonesome’s Pizza makes a killer pie and have crazy artist supporting ways.  Check out their BLOG for more.

ART with your PIE.  Check them out, Eat good, Support the arts.

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