A new recipe straight out of elbe’s edibles kitchen tonight…  Triple Chocolate Cupcakes with Ganache Glaze.  These things are seriously the bomb.  I just ate half of one as a taste test and I am zinging with delight.


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I had read good things about SANYO’s eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable batteries when it comes to powering personal speedlites so I decided to pick up a set and run them through the paces.  All I can say is wow.

They outperformed my expectations and still leave me almost speechless.  Unlike conventional rechargeable batteries, eneloop promises to have their charge right out of the package and this they did, full power right out of the package.  They promised a faster recycle time then any of my previous batteries and boy did they deliver here as well.  I’ve been popping away with my speedlites for 2 days now and finally ran out my first set.  Into the charger they went and were back at full power within a couple of hours.  Wow.

I can not say enough about this technology.  They don’t cost much at all to pick up and they will last for over 1500 charges.  My set of 8 AA’s, 4 AAA’s and Charger cost me around $25.  You really can’t beat this when you count up all the AA’s you will run through in a single speedlite session.

Bravo eneloop!  Bravo SANYO!

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I saw my old friend Aaron Gritzka today.  Aaron is a talented multi-media artist and occasional co-conspirator.  We spent some time catching up on life before I pulled out my camera and softbox to capture these 3 frames.  Thanks Aaron!

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Tonight I got a chance to grab a couple of frames of the talented artist and Creative Catalyst Consultant Ben Dantoni for my 3 Frames Project.  BenD can be a tough one to tie down, he is an old friend and a very busy man who I don’t get to see enough of.  I love spending time with BenD and I love photographing him.. tonight I got to do both.  We had gotten together for a rare couple of hours to catch up on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I punctuated our time together by grabbing my camera to catch some frames before he headed out the door.  Thanks BenD!

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Today I got the chance to photograph Andrew Garrettson, a talented actor I have the pleasure of crossing paths with on occasion.  Andrew has a production opening soon and needed some updated headshots so he stopped by my studio to sit under the lights for a few minutes.  I decided to work “light” and used my 580ex speedlight through a softbox as my main and I used a reflector for bounce fill.  This allowed me to move quickly around the studio where I had different backgrounds already stationed.  I also tethered my Canon 5DM2 to our MacBook Pro so that we could immediately see that we were getting the results that the client wanted.  And we nailed it.  Here are 2 of Andrew’s the top picks from the session.  Word.

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