I got a fairly frantic call last night from a friend hoping to help a friend out.  The friend of my friend, Justin, needed some product shots for his graphic design final at Art Institute Portland.  We had a busy day scheduled but I told Justin to meet me at our home and I would set up a temporary studio to get the shots he needed for his project.  I set up in my living room and as soon as I shot a test image, Bucket was on set and interested.  So we had a little fun with Bucket while we waited for Justin to show up.  I mean hell, he was tearing up my seamless paper anyway so we threw everything we could at him to keep him occupied.


When it comes to studio photography, having a good, clean, solid background is very important.  Dirty backdrops make for extra hours in post production and colored backgrounds can be problematic with bounced light.  We recommend having a good solid white or solid black background as your base and build your scenes from there.

Our studio is a year old and desperately needed a paint job.  We took on the task and made a run by Sherwin-Williams for our paint.  Letting them know what we were up to, they recommended their FLAT BLACK, B30B400, PM400 Latex.  It is their darkest black and just what we were looking for.  At about $20 per gallon we took 3 to cover walls in 2 studios.  In the first studio, we were covering our old black and gray wall.  In the second, we were covering a gold wall.  2 coates was all it took and the dry results are fantastic.

Video: Canon 5D Mark II DSLR.  Post-production: iMovie.  Soundtrack: U2 does Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

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