Bucket Bucket Bucket…  Our Maine Coon kitten (@10 months old, 11 lbs and growing) got introduced to snow today. He is an indoor cat so this frozen water concept fascinated him to no end. Bucket likes frozen water.

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I signed up to participate in One Day On Earth this year and when October 10th finally came around, I found myself at our studio cleaning up a giant mess made by other people.  C’est la vie.  Laura and I recently took on the Studio Manager position and it is what needed to be done.  I could have made a film about cleaning up other people’s trash, which would have been meaningful and all, but decided instead to film our cat Bucket drinking some water from our dog Loki’s bowl.  So here is my masterpiece, a minute in the life of Bucket the Cat, for the One Day On Earth Project.  Enjoy.  :-)


We found a kitten drowning in a bucket of water and adopted him. His name is Bucket. Apparently Bucket suffered no trauma from “the incident.” The other day we found him covering our kitchen floor with water from the dog’s dish… Purrrr…


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We found a kitten drowning in a bucket of water and named him Bucket.  We don’t know jack about cats but we have decided to adopt Bucket and make it work.

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