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Burning Man 1999 - Present

I first went to the Black Rock Desert in 1999. That year about 23,000 brave souls had assembled on the playa for Burning Man's 14th year in existence. My mind got blown by the incredible community of Artists and Survivalists whose generosity, creativity and ingenuity changed the course of my life forever.

I have spent the past decade traveling to Black Rock City to document and participate in this growing social experiment. My thousands of photographs document a decade of change, with participation recently growing past 50,000 for this single week in the desert each year. As a result of this incredible growth, Burning Man has set up regional networks in communities across the globe, carrying the spirit of the playa out and into the world.

Present and past participants have learned through experience that change is in our hands and we are the ones who make it. A great example of this is Burners Without Borders and the work they do to help individuals and communities in need. Check them out and please consider giving them some support.

Another offshoot of the event is BRAF, the Black Rock Arts Foundation. The mission of the Black Rock Arts Foundation is to support and promote community-based interactive art and civic participation. Check them out.

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Art Installations (Currently being uploaded and linked in):

2002 - WHATEOTU: the Wormhole at The Edge of The Unknown by Hovering
2003 - Black Rock City BRAiNWASH: 24 Hour Self-Serve Convert-o-Mat by Hovering
2009 - Christo-Ono by Laura Brannan


Burning Man 101 by Laura Brannan
Keeping You Camera Gear Clean at Burning Man by Hovering