Christo-Ono AI
by: Laura. Burning Man 2009



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Description of Art Installation: From a distance it appears to be simple flags blowing in the winds of Black Rock City. But if you were able to view it from above a message would appear.
Inspired by works from Yoko Ono and Christo, Christo-Ono is an interactive message for positive thoughts and actions.

Physical Description of Art Installation: 28 simple orange flags that spell out a word. Each flag is only 8 feet tall with 4 feet of shimmering orange fabric. Looking at it from the ground it looks like a field of flags, from above a message. Citizens of BRC will be able to ride their bikes, or walk through the flags. If they are paying attention they might notice that it spells a word, if not they will still be surround by the positive feelings of the word.

To secure the flags to the playa surface we will use 4ft stakes of rebar going into the playa 2 feet. PVC pipe is used for the poles. The poles are painted and have reflective tape 'candy caned' down the length of the pvc. The flags are perfectly fitted to the poles and secured with grommets and zip ties if needed. We will use 4-6 solar lights on the corners of the foot print to insure night time safety.

Illumination Details: Each flag pole is covered in reflective orange tape and we will use solar
powered lights on the corners of the foot print. This should be more than enough light and reflective surface. Also we are having mostly a full moon this year and that will only help visability. If after getting it up the first night and it looks not to have enough light source we will be bringing extra solar lights and rebar for securing the lights to the playa surface.

Leave No Trace Plan: The flag fabric has been double seamed to make sure the wind wont rip or shred the fabric leaving behind material or threads. After removing the flag poles we will remove the rebar and solar lights and pick up any trash or MOOP left behind.



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